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“For over 20 years, we have helped our clients with all their family, business, and immigration needs. Founded in 1998, we quickly developed as a top tier boutique law firm, concentrated on immigration, business formation and investments. We are dedicated to continue providing exemplary service and support to all clients, from visa applicants to green card holder, citizens to residents, on all legal matters with care and respect.”
– Timur Edib, Esq.

Employment & Family Based Green Cards

It is no secret that the US economy is largely supported by immigrants. Currently, US law allows a certain number of foreigners each year to qualify to become permanent residents. Since 1990, that number has remained at roughly 140,000 per year. This is not the only limitation on how many applicants can immigrate to the US through employment yearly. Each year, no more than 7% of the green cards made available to immigrants through employment can be awarded to each country. This limit has created very long waiting lists, especially in India, China, and the Philippines.

In order to apply for an employment based green card, an immigrant’s employer must first file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. If there is no waiting list for that particular country, the immigrant can then file an Application to Register Permanent Residence. In order to qualify for an employment based green card, an immigrant must fall under an approved category or subcategory:

Individuals who have already been granted a green card can apply for certain family members to become permanent US citizens. In order to qualify, the family member must be a spouse, an unmarried child under the age of 21, or a parent.

If you are interested in the process of applying for an employment or family based green card in Rockville, Maryland, contact The Law Office of Timur Edib today for employment based and family based green card services.

L1A- Intercompany Transferee Visas

An L1AQ visa is considered a non-immigrant work visa. It was designed to allow foreign managers, executives, or specialized workers of international companies to relocate to their company’s US office.

Generally, the L1A visa is valid for a three-year period before it requires an extension. It is possible to file for an adjustment of status with this visa for US permanent residency and obtain a green card. Anyone who holds a valid L1A visa may leave and re-enter the US freely. Their spouses may work in the US and their children can attend US schools. Adult children, however, may not work in the US. For information on Intercompany Transferee Visas in Rockville, Maryland, call The Law Office of Timur Edib for expert guidance.

H1-B Status-Visa for Specialty Occupations


The H1-B Status Visa for Specialty Occupants is a non-immigrant visa, which allows US companies to employ workers of a graduate level in specific, specialized fields. A US bachelor’s degree or higher is required, though equivalent work experience may be considered.

Currently, US immigration law limits The H1-B Status Visas for Specialty Occupants to 85,000 per year. In order to be approved for the H1-B visa, an employee must meet the following criteria:

Due to the stringent restrictions on Visas for Specialty Occupations, it is important to seek out professional services when applying for an H1-B Status-Visa for Specialty Occupations in Rockville, Maryland.

E1/E2 Status- Visa for Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors

An E1 Status- Treaty Trader Visa allows nationals of countries with which the US maintains a treaty to enter the United States in order to engage in international trade. This individual may enter the country to engage in international trade on his or her own behalf or on the behalf of a qualifying organization.

The E2 Status-Visa for Treaty Investors is a very specific visa, created in response to the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands transitioning permit systems in 2014.

For more information on the E1/E2 Status- Visa for Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors, consider contacting The Law Office of Timur Edib in Rockville, MD.

B1/B2 Tourist and Business Visa, Status Change & Extensions for Tourists & Business Investors

The B1 Business Visa is the Temporary Business Visitor Visa. In order to qualify, an individual must be entering the US with the purpose of:

Certain aliens may be able to enter the US without a visa for business purposes.

The B2 Tourist Visa is a visa for people who wish to go to the United States


to visit friends and family members, undergo medical treatment, or who plan to attend social conventions or conferences. If you are in need of B2 Tourist Visa services in Rockville, MD, The Law Offices of Timur Edib can assist you.

EB-5 Services

The EB-5 program was created in 1990 with the purpose of stimulating the US economy via job creation and foreign investment. Any EB-5 investor is required to invest a certain amount of capital in a new commercial enterprise or a troubled business. Maryland immigration attorney, Timur Edib provides EB-5 services to those who are interested in becoming EB-5 investors.

E-Verification Training for Employers

It is important for employers to be trained in the process of employment based immigration. If you are an employer petitioning for an employee, contact The Law Offices of Timur Edib for E-verification for employers services in Rockville, Maryland.

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